iHeartRadio Festival - Las Vegas - September 20, 2014 [HQ]

5 Seconds of Summer perform at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival Village.

Luke Hemmings of 5 Seconds of Summer performs onstage during the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival Village.

calum smut to be posted shortly.

5 Seconds of Summer perform at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival Village on September 20, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

iHeartRadio Festival - Las Vegas - September 20, 2014 [x]

2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 2 - Backstage

iHeartRadio Festival - Las Vegas - September 20, 2014 [HQ]

  • spouse: you're still 1d af
  • me: prove it
  • spouse: you screamed niall during climax last night
  • me: damn
Anonymous: "what's something you like about the people you've made friends with on tumblr? can be physical and/or personality wise x"

that theyre all around good people if you know what i mean. theyre just so nice and fun to be around and talk to and theyre just wonderful

aloha-cal: "You're answering my prayers! I needed some calum smut in my life tonight! You're a gem! A rad star!"

you’re welcome haha. I hope you like it xx

Forever With You | Calum Hood Smut

A/N: Not my finest work and definitely not the longest, but I find it cute. I literally love writing fluffy smut it’s the best thing in the world okay

Calum and I had trudged through the door to our apartment after we decided on having Nandos for dinner. We were both too lazy to make anything and change out of our sweatpants and old t-shirts. We slipped out of our shoes and made our way to our bedroom and we both laid down on the bed. Not bothering to change our clothes that we wore all day.

“Today was so nice,” Calum breathed out while opening his arms for me to cuddle closer to him. I smiled at him and nuzzled my face into his neck. I sighed contently after we finally had a night back together. Of course, he came home weeks ago but they also had other things to do. They’re already recording a new album so he’s been busy with that and local radio stations. Once he got a day off, he pounced on it. He set aside a lazy day for the both of us and I couldn’t pass it up. I called in sick because I had to work that day, and I almost blew my cover when Calum started giggling and I did too. Once I was done with the call, I turned my phone off and pulled Calum into the kitchen to make pancakes.

“It really was. Thank you so much for it.” I muttered into his neck with caused him to chuckle a little. “I wish I could call in sick everyday. I wish everyday was like this.” He hugged me tighter into him and he sighed.

“I missed you.” Calum said while rubbing shapes onto my back.

“I missed you, too, but you’re here and that’s all that matters to me at the moment. I love you.” I said and placed a chaste kiss on his lips.

“I love you, too.” He whispered. We laid in silence for a little while while he rubbed circles on my back while I played with his hair, and we were content. Our relationship was so simple but so full of passion and I love him. He was there to make me laugh when I was sad, and when I had my doubts about our relationship and him being so far away, he pulled me back into reality. He said he’d never leave me like I’m nothing because I’m not nothing to him, if it makes sense. That he means too much to just let you go over him being gone. ‘It hurts me too but just keep holding on for me. I’ll be home soon.’ He’d always say. Now he’s home and I don’t ever want to let him leave again, but he’s a rockstar. “I wanna spend forever with you.”

I pulled back to look him in the eye. His eyes were glazed over due to the sleepiness even though we slept basically all day. His eyes searched through mine and I cupped his face into my hands and my thumb caressed over his cheek. I brought our faces closer together where our noses were touching and our lips were ghosting over each others. I mumbled,”And forever is fine” against his lips. I leaned into him and kissed him. His hands slid under my t-shirt and my hands pulled at his hair. He rolled us over to where he was on bottom. He continued kissing me while squeezing and grabbing at my lower back and bum.

I broke off the kiss and continued kissing his jaw and made my way to his neck. I kissed halfway across his neck and started sucking at his adams apple. He groaned as I nipped at it one last time. He sat up and took my shirt and bra and threw it to the side of the bed. He took my breasts in his hands and started massaging them while nipping at my collarbones, while I started rolling my hips against his creating some sort of friction between us.

He hummed against my breast and looked up at me with wide eyes. He attached his lips to mine again and pushed his tongue into my mouth.while wrapping an arm around my middle and flipping us over so I was on bottom.

“Let me make you feel good.” Calum mumbled and I nodded. He placed a kiss on my lips while proceeding down my neck, to my chest, and down my belly. He skipped over my center and pulled off my sweatpants. He then started to place open mouthed kisses on my inner thigh which caused me to moan. He started sucking on my inner thighs, probably leaving dark, purple bruises there.

“Calum, please,” I begged. He smiled up at me and nodded. He licked a strip up my center which made me gasp. He then started kitten licking my bundle of nerves which made me roll my hips against his mouth. He took a hand and held me down onto the bed while he continued his assault. He molded his mouth around my clit and kept sucking and moaning against me, which caused me to groan. Then slid a finger into me and started pumping it slowly and curling it upward to it my g-spot.

“Fuck, Cal I’m close.” I spoke which caused him to suck harder and pump his fingers faster while adding another one. The feeling became too much, then I shut my eyes and threw my head back as I hit my orgasm. He continued suck my folds, cleaning me up, and when he was done, he came up and kissed me.

“You taste so good,” Calum said and started to untie his sweatpants and pulled them down along with his boxers. He pumped himself a few times before nestling himself in between your legs. He tip was at your entrance before he started kissing you again. He pulled at your thighs, raising them so they could rest on his waist.

“Are you ready?” Calum whispered into my ear while nipping at my earlobe.

“Yes,” I breathed out. He took my hands into his and interlaced our fingers together.above my head. He pushed into me fully and staying like that for a little to let me get comfortable.

“I love you so much, Y/N,” Calum said. He looked into my eyes and lifted his hips and bucked them against mine. “Fuck, you feel so good.”

“I love you, too.” I replied as he thrusted into me again. He was slow and steady but they were powerful thrusts. He leaned down to kiss neck while I started to kiss his collarbones. He let go of my hands and placed one on my ass and the other on my upper back keeping me steady. One of my hands went to his hair and the other one to his bum, trying to push him closer to me.

“Faster, please.” I begged but he didn’t listen. He kept a steady pace and his focus was getting me off before him.

I hiked my legs higher and I also started to buck my hips to match his thrusts which caused him to moan out my name, then my toes started to curl and my heels started to dig into his lower back.“Oh my god,” I screamed. “I’m so close.” I breathed out and hit my second orgasm of the night. while his head dropped to my shoulder. His thrusts got lazy and soon enough, he came inside of me. He pulled out and slipped us both under the covers. I laid partially on top of him with my arms folded across his chest and my chin resting on them.

“What are you looking at? You’re making me uncomfortable.” Calum nervously chuckled.

“You. You’re just so.. beautiful.” I said to him and I could see his cheeks flush a bright red.

“You’re too good for me, Y/N.” He replied and pulled me closer to him. “I really mean it. You make me a better person all around. You’re so understanding of my work and you just always put a smile on my face and I love you. I just can’t lose you.” He confessed. That made me smile and kiss him.

“You’re never gonna lose me, babe.” I replied. “I love you, more.”

“Impossible.” He said while taking a piece of hair and putting it behind my ears. “Come one. Lets go to sleep.”

5 Seconds of Summer perform at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival Village on September 20, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.