im bored so im doing ships holla

For a Ship:

  • mbf me bc goals
  • ship me + why (you can see my face here and here)
  • have a face/about page or describe yourself
  • send me FMKs and WYRs too bc those are fun 
  • reblog this to spread the word yo

What You Get:

  • a ship + why
  • a lil blurb about you and who I ship you with
  • a random song off shuffle

do it do it do it do it


My grades are almost as bad a Luke’s posture


5 Seconds of Summer at the VMA’s 24.08.14

Reblog if your icon is a fine piece of ass.

Mashton harassing Calum +


Every time I hear Michael’s solo in Mrs. All American where he sings “Not just a neighbor, oh hey there I’ll ring your bell” all I can think of is image


one direction has influenced my life so much every time i see the word nail i just assume someone misspelled niall

» SHIPS! :-)


hi bby’s! i’ve had a weird/long day and I haven’t been feeling well so I’m in need a pick me up, and I decided to ship you beautiful people <3333

whatcha gotta do:

  • follow me (i swear im cool and funny and we can be friends)
  • send me a message (can be anything: fmk, wyr, random…


Hey! So a few months ago I posted one of their own music videos, but they made a cover of “Fireflies” by Owl City. You should definitely give it a listen.